How Should The Most Classic POLO Shirts Be Chosen?

As the saying goes, beauty is a human nature. At this point, women seem to be extremely obvious, because women are always buying, buying, and buying, and men are always complaining about themselves. The women have done the woman behind Ma Yun. In fact, men do not have to be nervous, you are only one polo shirt from perfection, wearing a polo shirt, you can easily fascinated the woman behind Ma Yun!
The Polo shirt was originally called a tennis shirt, also known as a golf shirt. The design of the polo shirt is based on the premise that it does not need to be plunged into the trousers. The hem is long and short, and there is a small opening on the side of the hem. This hem design allows the wearer to avoid wrinkling as the front sway is too long, even when sitting down.
[What are the common fabric classifications for Polo shirts?]
Pure cotton
This is the most commonly used POLO shirt fabric, which is very cost-effective. Pure cotton relies on its superior natural characteristics and has good skin-friendly, breathable and hygroscopic properties. It is very comfortable to wear in summer and the price is relatively suitable. It is a good choice for buying polo shirts.
2. Polyester cotton
Polyester cotton is also cotton plus polyester. The advantage of this material is that the wrinkle resistance is very good and it is not easy to be deformed; the disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff, and the dyeing, the fabric feels hard. The clothing feels thicker, the washing is not easy to deform, but the clothing comfort is slightly worse than pure cotton, and it is easy to pilling. But it is also very suitable for the lazy people who have no time to pack their clothes. The fabric that is not easy to wrinkle can be worn at any time, it is very convenient.
3. Mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton and three mercerized cotton
Mercerized cotton is worsted to make high-yarn yarn. This fabric not only completely preserves the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster, which makes the garment soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has excellent elasticity and drape. The double-silk cotton is made of singeed and mercerized mercerized yarn, and the pure cotton double-silk fabric is pure cotton with double burning and double filament. The texture of the fabric is clearer, the gloss is brighter, the hand feels smoother, and it is better than mercerized cotton, but the price is slightly more expensive. Needless to say, the three silk cotton is the best in cotton. It is lighter and thinner than mercerized cotton and double silk cotton. It feels soft and comfortable, and it does not irritate the skin. Due to its high quality pursuit, it can fully reflect the temperament and taste of the wearer, and is the best choice for quality men who pay attention to texture and style.
4. Cotton + Lycra (high quality spandex), also known as Lycra cotton
The advantage of this material is that it has drape and crease recovery ability. The clothes are relatively close to the body, which can fully highlight the body and elasticity. It is especially suitable for close-fitting clothing, suitable for boys with good body. However, this kind of fabric is more suitable for the close-fitting fashion style POLO shirt, and the cover type will be slightly biased. Last but not least, the polo shirt of this fabric should be treated with anti-shrinkage treatment.
How to choose the polo shirt that suits you
1. First choose according to your own conditions: people with whiter skin are relatively easy to choose, POLO shirts of all colors can be, but it is best not to choose a POLO shirt with too cold color, otherwise it will look like your color is not good. . White-skinned people can wear pink, blue, yellow, light orange, light green and other light colors, which can bring out your skin color advantage. But for black-skinned boys, black skin can show your health by itself, so it’s best not to choose black clothing. Try the white, you can definitely wear a different feeling. Of course, try to choose cool-colored clothes, such as brown, brown, and dark purple. Don’t wear pink, emerald, bright yellow and other bright colors, because this Polo shirt will make your skin look darker, and don’t choose a striped polo shirt, it will make your skin look darker. Shen.
2. Secondly, according to your own preferences: everyone wants to use their clothes to highlight their personality, and people will feel more like yourself through clothing. Then, in the choice of polo shirt, if you want to make yourself look introverted, choose a light color polo shirt, or a relatively dark Polo shirt, such as light pink, light green, light gray, light brown, etc. Choose a Polo shirt with a large stripe spacing (it is recommended not to choose a darker man).
3. You can also choose according to the overall style of the day: Before you choose the polo shirt you wear on the day, look at what color pants you want to wear, and choose the color of the shirt according to the color of the pants. You can also choose according to the shoes. The shoes are the face of men. The polo shirt should pay more attention to the matching with the shoes. The black polo shirt with black leather shoes will look more mature and stable, and with a pair of sports shoes, it is also full of richness. The sporty and casual style will also make people look more sunny!

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